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Webdesign Wilhelmsbader Hofküche


Wilhelmsbader Hof / Hanau

Website concept and design

Book of the artist Hjalmar Leander Weiss

Editorial Design

Hjalmar Leander Weiss / Fürth

Book about the artist

Alexa Plakat Erlanger Poetenfest

Communication Art

Alexa ...

... what do you think about ...

Möbelkollektiv Broschüre be_INN

Editorial Design

Möbelkollektiv / Nürnberg

Brochure be_INN


Corporate Design


Logo design

eazz band logo and typeface

Logo Design

eazz Band / Nürnberg

Typefont and logo design

Bridging Arts Festival 2020 - design and Illustration

Corporate Design

Bridging Arts / Nürnberg

Festival 2020 – design and illustration

Editorial Design

Simone de Saree / Bonn

Artist book

Environmental Design

Lina-Ammon-Straße / Nuremberg Langwasser

Design concept for a business building area

Jäger Jansser Partner - Logo and Corporate Design

Corporate Design

Jäger Janssen Partner / Mönchengladbach

Logo design, corporate design and business papers

Greta - Communication Art Installation

Communication Art

#greta - a multimedia installation

Nina Metz / 2019

Wilhelmsbader Hof Bräu - Hanau

Corporate Design

Wilhelmsbader Hof / Hanau

Beer label »Wilhelmsbader Hof Bräu«

Carée Fürther Freiheit - Parkhaus Friedrichstraße - Fürth

Environmental Design

Carée Fürther Freiheit / Parkhaus Friedrichstraße / Fürth

Orientation and color design

Logo Grummt Lindl Grummt

Logo Design

Grummt Lindl Grummt / Fürth

Logo and Corporate Design

Corporate Design

Konfliktpunkt / Nürnberg

Design of logo, business papers and brochure