Communication Art

Nina Metz / 2016

811 – a wall installation

The occasion of this communicationart project was the election of Donald Trum as the 45. president of the United States at 8 of november 2016. The reactions of people in social networks are spontaneous and often rash. Thereby they disclose their direct, spontaneous and real feelings. There was a wide range of reactions of US citizens on twitter. Some were shocked, upset, others were reacting sarcastic or with jokes.

I picked out sentence fragments from hundreds of twitter feeds immediately the first two days after the election. All these fragments build a moodboard. Detached from their original context these statements speak also for themselves individually, almost like mantras, and can be reused. They get a new sense, for every person in a different way.

In a world full of unexpected events people are even more required to define their own position in the world, to take their position to participate actively in designing the »rage« of the world and it's society.